Sheet Moss - Hypnum imponens

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A versatile, low growing moss with a high transplant success rate. Sheet Moss (Hypnum genus) thrives in shade, but will also tolerate partial sunlight, but not direct afternoon sun. If you have a sunny area where you want moss to grow please check out our Sun Tolerant Moss.

Hypnum or "Feather" moss is a vibrant, medium green color. This moss is ideal as a ground cover between stepping stones, patio stones, and is suitable for light to medium foot traffic areas. Because of it's low growth habit, Hypnum sheet moss is the ideal companion plant for highlighting low growing plants such as evergreen ground covers and delicate native wildflowers. It is also the moss of choice for "moss lawns" or moss paths.

Sheet Moss - The Natural choice as a grass lawn alternative

LIVE Sheet Moss for sale – Hypnum imponens sheet moss is for sale in somewhat irregularly shaped sections ranging from 6" x 12" to as large as 18" x 24", and packaged in breathable boxes. 

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