Moss Walls - Outdoor

Exterior LIVE Moss Walls for Shade

Modular / Self-Irrigating System

A Simpler, Sustainable Solution

Lightweight and easy to install live moss wall panels for exterior walls and rain screens.

Utilizing our Fully Grown Moss Mats here

This low-maintenance living exterior cladding system features moss grown on a capillary water retention mat that is then backed with an award-winning lightweight and water-proof backer panel to form the first and only living and waterproof exterior cladding system. Available in 4’ x 4’ panels at around 1/3 the installed cost of traditional living plant walls, our turnkey system will protect exterior walls, insulate/cool buildings, all while cleansing, oxygenating, and cooling surrounding air. Not to mention the stunning visuals (ask about our wash lights for illuminating your wall at night) Each panel comes ready to mount and complete with a self-contained irrigation system. The particular species of mosses utilized will thrive in sun or shade and can freeze and go dormant during winter and still survive. We are currently taking pre-orders for moss panels while they are undergoing their nursery growing cycle. We will have a limited supply of live moss wall panels this season, so be sure not to delay getting in touch.

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