Moss Gardening Soothes the Senses

Even during the most stressful of times, moss can be very soothing for the senses.
Best of all, it doesn't require mowing, chemicals or fertilizers.

Honesdale, PA - April, 2020

Talk to our former president Al Benner about Moss Acres, the moss supply business he opened close to twenty years ago, and you will discover that it wasn't just some random, crazy idea that started him down this moss covered path. Al's dad, Dave, a retired professor of ornamental horticulture and advocate of low-maintenance shade gardening has been Al's mentor, and has had "moss lawns" on his 2 acre property near New Hope in Bucks County, PA for over fifty years..

Moss Acres has been shipping several varieties of live moss throughout the U.S. and Canada since 2001. Provided the moss is relocated to an area with adequate shade and moisture, the plant has a surprisingly high transplant success rate. Even when moss occasionally goes into "re-location shock", more often than not it somehow revives itself over a period of time to return to its enchanting vibrant, green color.  Sun tolerant species are now also available. 

The live moss is actually typically shipped dry (dormant) to avoid mold and rot, and is sold in boxes containing up to fifty square feet. During dry periods, moss goes dormant naturally, and when the rains return it rehydrates and begins growing immediately. It has no true roots and gets all its nutrients and moisture through its leaves.  Moss is the perfect companion plant for rock gardens, flagstone patios, water gardens, or paired along with ferns, native plants, or in Japanese gardens.

So what's new at Moss Acres?  The company is now in the process of setting up growing operations for live moss mats to be used for rain screens/living walls on building exteriors and for lightweight green roofs.  Sister company, offers - "Verdure" the first and only LIVE Moss Wellness Wall eco-system for interior spaces.  Moss does an amazing job of cleansing and purifying air, absorbing CO2 and cooling airspace and insulating buildings.  It's potential to help mankind is vast.

In today's uncertain and stressful world, the lush appearance and soothing feeling produced by a moss garden, wall or roof takes us back to a simpler time and place. By incorporating moss into our landscapes and building designs we can ensure cleaner, healthier and more sustainable environments for the home and the urban environment.


James Fucetola, President/Chief of Operations

Moss Lawns are becoming increasingly popular

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A visit to Moss Acres in Honesdale will inspire you to grow a moss garden of your own.


Moss Acres' former owner, Al Benner was even on The Martha Stewart Show a few years back - unfortunately the show is no longer up on the web.






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