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"Gardening with Moss" Booklet

Have plenty of time to wait, and want to go it alone? This booklet penned by the "Moss Man" himself, Dave Benner, is quite helpful with respect to gaining insight on mosses, their life cycles, and how to encourage them to spread on their own.

"Gardening with Moss" booklet
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"New Methods in Moss Gardening Helping you to successfully Grow Moss in your Gardens and Landscapes" by Richard R. Smith

New Methods in Moss Gardening covers all methods of moss gardening including new techniques that allow many different species of moss to be more easily grown with minimal upkeep.

This handbook is based on moss gardening seminars and workshops that have been given over the years. Practical methods are emphasized as well as simplification and time saving techniques. Eleven of the most commonly mosses found in moss gardens and nature are pictured and described. Thirty one color pictures and fifty six pages. Visit Rick Smiths informative moss website.

"New Methods in Moss Gardening" booklet
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"A Trailside Guide to Mosses and Liverworts of the Cherokee National Forest" by Paul G Davison

For field identification of the most common east coast species of moss this book is exceptional. Even better, the photos are truly incredible. This book will help anyone identify a wide range of mosses. This is the best compilation of moss photos we have found in one place - period.

Trailside Moss Guide
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"Gathering Moss - A Natural and Cultural History of Mosses"

In this series of linked personal essays, author Robin Wall Kimmerer leads general readers and scientists alike to an understanding of how mosses live and how their lives are intertwined with the lives of countless other beings. Drawing on her diverse experiences as a scientist, mother, teacher and writer, Kimmerer explains the stories of mosses in scientific terms as well as in the framework of indigenous ways of knowing.

This Book is highly recommended by the entire staff at Moss Acres. Kimmerer is a true "moss guru" and the book is a most enjoyable read.

"Gather Moss - A Natural & Cultural History of Mosses"
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"Made in the Shade" Video

An inspirational tour of the Benner wildflower gardens and moss lawns. Now offered only as a DVD.

"Made in the Shade" video
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