Moss for Events & Weddings

Moss makes an ideal companion for your special day - from moss centerpieces to moss runners and even wedding backdrops, moss will provide that soothing and serene vibe, lush textures and vibrant shades of green that only real, live moss offers.

Moss Acres provides sustainably harvested and farmed mosses that are not preserved or dyed and are all very much alive. We typically dry out our mosses prior to shipping so they will not mold during shipment and so you will have basically an unlimited time with which to plan and work with setting up your moss decor.

Moss for weddingMosses have no roots, so they can stay dormant for weeks/months on end - just keep in a cool dry place out of direct sun until you are ready to use. Once watered, moss will become an even more vibrant green. A mister bottle is the best way to water moss. They will then soon require natural or artificial light to stay healthy. They will be fine for a couple of days even if left indoors, but within 2-3 days you will want to plant them outdoors in a shady spot or gift them to someone who has always craved a moss garden. If you leave the mosses dry, then their use is more unlimited in nature - they just won't look quite as lush. You can also try drying the mosses out again and storing them for future use. They MUST be completely dry before packing into boxes or they will mold and the mosses can die.

In addition to sheets and clumps of moss, Moss Acres also offers shredded forest moss which is great for spreading around table setting and more!

Our mosses are available in large or small quantities and we have several varieties to choose from. You can then design and make whatever you desire.

Think Moss for your wedding or theme party feature - it's Mossome! TM