Evergreen Ground Cover for Shade

If you are searching for a shade loving ground cover that will make you feel like a kid again - foot loose and fancy free in the woods, why not consider moss?

Moss is not only an evergreen ground cover that is visually appealing, it also enjoys shade and requires little to no maintenance - no mowing, no fertilizer or pesticides, and actually no watering to survive (moss can go dormant and dry for months on end). An evergreen ground cover that stays green all winter, moss is an ideally suited shade plant that obtains all its nutrients from the air and from rainfall - it has no true roots.

The shade loving mosses offered by Moss Acres are certainly evergreen, but to look their best and to thrive they do require considerable amounts of shade. The beauty of a ground cover like moss is that your garden can look great year round. Unlike grass that browns out in the winter, moss actually likes colder temperatures and stays green all winter long.

When considering which shade tolerant ground cover is best suited for your location, keep in mind that moss will grow on most any bare soil surface - even poor quality soils that are sand or clay based. This evergreen ground cover actually prefers a compact soil, low in organic matter. As a shade loving ground cover for moss covered paths, Hypnum imponens ("sheet moss") is ideal, as it can tolerate moderate foot traffic. Because moss is evergreen, even a backyard patio can look great year-round with low growing sheet moss growing between the flagstones or bricks.

Moss - the ideal evergreen ground cover"