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Moss Acres, the nations leading supplier of premium live moss, is situated in the lush northeastern Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania, a prime location for the thriving of various moss species. Our facility packages and delivers substantial quantities of live moss to meet the needs of gardening enthusiasts, landscape architects, designers, and contractors. Our 168-acre parcel operates sustainably, with no more than 30% of moss being harvested from any area to allow quick regrowth within 6 months. Our unwavering commitment to responsible harvesting practices has allowed us to cultivate the same patches for over 25 years.

In 2011, Moss Acres revolutionized the industry by pioneering the creation of live moss walls, and our biophilic design studio has since brought to life over 1000 stunning designs.

Dave Benner next to a mossy mound

Years of Experience

Our Story

Moss Acres was originally founded by Al Benner, son of renowned horticulturist, retired professor and “moss guru”, David Benner. When it comes to knowledge and experience with growing moss in the landscape, the Benner name is well known. Not only do Moss Acres’ customers receive a unique selection of the highest quality mosses, but they are also privy to over 50 years of collective expertise on the most effective techniques for growing moss in the landscape.

Dave Benner (Pictured Left) began gardening with moss in lieu of grass at his woodland garden in New Hope, Pennsylvania back in the early 60’s. Since then he has converted his entire two woodland acres into a lush, cool green oasis by growing moss with wildflowers and evergreen groundcovers on a terraced hillside with meandering paths.  The Benner garden has been featured in over twenty-five books and magazines through the years.

In 2015, Jim Fucetola joined Moss Acres. A dynamic and ambitious entrepreneur who has made a significant impact on the world of horticulture. He quickly made a name for himself with his innovative ideas and can-do attitude. In 2021, Jim took over the reins of the company from Al Benner, the founder of Moss Acres, who retired after decades of dedicated service. Under Jim’s leadership, Moss Acres has continued to thrive and grow, and he has introduced a number of new products and services that have helped the company stand out in the market. One of the most notable innovations from Jim’s tenure at Moss Acres is the self-contained Moss Wellness Wall, a unique and attractive solution for greening up any space. Jim’s passion for moss and his business acumen have made him a natural fit for the role of leader at Moss Acres, and he is committed to continuing the company’s tradition of excellence and innovation.

Benefits of using Moss


At Moss Acres all of our moss is either grown in our facility or 100% sustainably harvested. All of our moss is from the USA and 100% Natural & Organic

Healthier Enviornment

Moss has perhaps the best air cleansing and oxygenating capabilities of any plant. This is due in part to the vast surface area of moss plants. Moss is essentially a "green lung," capturing all sorts of pollutants, allergens and harmful particles. Moss and its' companion beneficial microbes actually "feed" off these particles as moss obtains all its' nutrients from air and water - it has no roots!

Improve Well-being

Many modern buildings suffer from poor indoor air quality and bland, “non-green” spaces. Stagnant, dry, polluted and oxygen-depleted air all contribute to lower productivity, shorter attention spans and increased sickness. Bringing Verdure Wellness Walls with moss and plants to your indoor space will greatly enhances the visual aspects of your interior. The greenery will instill a sense of well-being, relaxation, and can even improve productivity.

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Meet the expert team at Moss Acres! With over 50 years of experience in the moss industry, our dedicated staff is the most knowledgeable in the business. Passionate about all things moss, they are here to help you find the perfect moss for your home, garden or workplace!  Don’t hesitate to say hi and ask any questions you may have – we’re happy to assist you

Headshot of Jim Fucetola

Jim Fucetola

The Moss Boss

Headshot of Joe Maiore

Joe Maiore

The Moss Maverick
(Ops Manager)

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Jessica Fucetola

The MossMaker
(Creative Director)

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Daniel & Paul

The Moss Masters

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