Fast Growing Cover

Fern moss is a fast growing evergreen ground cover that is also a low growing ground cover. In the right conditions it can double in surface area in less than a year, and provides a highly "tailored" look, highlighting even the smallest and most delicate native plants and wildflowers.

This fast growing evergreen ground cover is ideal for placement between stepping stones or in patio areas, it also is the ideal companion plant to ferns, and is stunning in Japanese gardens. Hypnum / fern moss enjoys shade, but will also tolerate partial sun but will require adequate moisture in these conditions to look its best.

A low growing ground cover like hypnum / fern moss is also ideal for taking on the exact shape of whatever it grows on, be it logs, boulders or even steps, walls or topiary frames. As a fast growing evergreen ground cover, hypnum / fern moss supplied by Moss Acres can even be torn into smaller pieces, and then allowed to knit together over time.

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