Japanese Garden Design

Authentic Japanese garden design might seem like a difficult thing to duplicate when in actuality Moss Acres can make this an easy process. Simply witnessing the beautiful design of a Japanese rock garden is breathtaking. The serene, soothing nature of each design brings peace to whoever is standing before it. However, with Moss Acres, the lovely nature of a Japanese garden can be yours - our Japanese garden design is able to provide you with a Japanese garden of your own! You can either design your very own garden utilizing our extensive moss selection, or create an instant Japanese garden with a Sampler Set or Moss Garden Moss Terrarium Kit.

Japanese garden design has been utilizing the wonderful abilities of moss for many hundreds of years. This soft, vibrant green plant is truly like no other - capable of surviving the harshest of conditions, it is very easy to grow and maintain, and lasts all year long! It is simply the most beautiful evergreen groundcover. Japanese garden design has made use of moss in their gardens for centuries, and now, with the help of Moss Acres, you too can experience the breathtaking beauty of moss gardens. If you have any questions about our Japanese garden design or any of the moss products that we sell on Moss Acres please make sure to contact us.

For years, moss has been a central and crucial element in Japanese garden design, the earliest of which originating in ancient Japanese culture. In Japan, each element of their gardens is symbolic; stones represent mountains, sand represents water, and moss represents islands. The moss and stone are usually organized into groups and positioned in sand; often times they actually correspond to real surroundings. Using a highly stylized method, Japanese garden design seeks to duplicate the tranquility of nature, and, through meditation, take the viewer of the garden to a peaceful, serene place. When one witnesses Japanese garden design, it is very easy to see why moss is used in this way. The calm, vibrant green plant creates a wonderful mood and is able to connect anyone to nature through its tranquility.

But you don't have to travel to Japan to experience the tranquility of Japanese garden design - Moss Acres can provide you with all the moss that you'll need to create your own Japanese garden in your own backyard, or, you can even have an instant Japanese garden with our Tabletop Zen Garden.. Plus, we also sell various moss products that can be used in addition to your Japanese garden design.

There are many shade garden plants that could be used in Japanese rock gardens, but moss is without a doubt, one of the best. The soothing visual effect realized with Japanese rock gardens is only enhanced further by mosses, as they provide a very neat and tailored look, and are deep, vibrant shades of green almost all year long. Even during periods of severe cold, moss, unlike grass, remains a dark green color. Excessive heat or lack of rainfall, also have no permanent effect. During these difficult growing periods, moss plants simply go dormant. A summer shower always quickly restores them back to their original state and make your Japanese garden design as beautiful and unique as the first day.

Mosses are shade garden plants that have been used for a Japanese garden design for centuries, but only recently have begun to be used in the United States. Adequate shade is required if the moss is to thrive, but some mosses will even tolerate a fair amount of sun, particularly during the morning hours and late afternoon. If you plan on using Japanese garden design, one should first consider the orientation and exposure of you surroundings if shade garden plants like moss are being considered.

The contemplative nature of Japanese garden design is perfectly aligned with the very essence of moss, so as you begin to think about materials for your very own Japanese garden, moss should certainly be considered. If you desire peaceful Japanese garden design, let Moss Acres provide you with our mosses and other shade garden plants. We look forward to working with you in the near future to create the Japanese garden design you have always wanted.