Biophilic Design Studio & Installation

At Moss Acres, our Biophilic Design Studios' purpose is to reconnect people with nature by bringing the outdoors in. Through biophilic design, our moss walls are a great way to bring green to your space.

In 2011, Moss Acres pioneered the moss wall industry with our first live moss wall and since then our biophilic design studio has created over 1000 realizations.  

Using Moss Acres Biophilic Design Studio as your trusted full-service design and installation team will guarantee you the best quality and at the best prices.

Our biophilic moss walls are designed to maintain their form, texture, and color for many years with minimal maintenance. In fact, we estimate a lifespan of 5-10 years when all care guidelines are followed. As a testament to the quality of our walls, we offer a 3-year guarantee. Experience the beauty and benefits of a moss wall for years to come with Moss Acres

Our mission

At Moss Acres Biophilic Design Studio, we believe in the power of nature to enrich our lives and enhance our built environment. Our mission is to create beautiful, sustainable, and healthy spaces that integrate seamlessly with the natural world. Through our innovative and holistic approach to design, we strive to foster a deeper connection with the outdoors and promote the well-being of both people and the planet.

Biophilic design approach that seamlessly integrates natural elements into the built environment

Sustainable and environmentally-friendly design solutions

Holistic approach to design that promotes health and well-being for both people and the planet

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