Warranty & Returns

We guarantee your moss plants to arrive in excellent condition.

 If you have received your moss plants and there is any problem, we do ask you to contact us immediately at hello@mossacres.com or call 866-438-6677 and report the problem within 24 hours of receiving. 

Order Cancellations & Refusals

You can cancel an order for a future ship date on any order, but if an order is to “ship now” and it’s already been dug to ship, we can not cancel orders on live moss. If you must cancel before the order is shipped but has already been harvested, there will be a 20% rehoming fee for your moss.   Also, if your order is refused at delivery, we will not be responsible for replacing your moss and refund once we receive it back will be less the shipping cost both ways plus a 20% rehoming fee. 

When you place an order, we estimate the shipping. But as you realize, the weight of plants fluctuates when we have rainfall, or some plants weigh more than others, and it’s tough to determine a balanced weight until the plants are dug and packaged. You may see an extra charge when your order is shipped, which is the “at cost” shipping rate the carrier charges us; we will bill the additional shipping when your order ships out.

Refunds / Exchanges 

If you decide you do not want your moss once it has been shipped or receives we can only offer a 7 day return policy since moss is a live plant and extremely  time sensitive.  All of our moss is harvested fresh specifically for our order because of this fact there will be a 20% rehoming fee for all returns of live moss.  Please let us know as soon as possible if you are sending back your moss.