Moss Walls / Roofs

Moss has been around 500 million years - it is a very simple plant, and also very adaptable. For this reason, we have been finding a lot more ways to grow and utilize moss! Green roofs with moss, moss walls (in development), and pictured above, a moss covered crocodile. This was relatively simple to make: Just form any shape you desire from mesh chicken wire, stuff it tightly with sphagnum moss (water retention), and then smear on a thick layer of clay-based soil on the outside of the form (this acts as an adhesive for the moss). For the crocodile, sheets of fern moss were then attached over the entire frame and are watered regularly (preferably with rain water or filtered water) to keep the croc looking a lush and vibrant green. To see some other really interesting ideas for applications and uses of moss in the landscape, visit:

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