DIY TableTop Moss Garden Kit

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New LIVE DIY TableTop Moss Garden Kit

Get ready to create your own ultimate TableTop Moss Garden!  This kit includes everything you need to bring a beautiful woodland garden right into your home or office!

Your Tabletop Moss garden is packed with beautiful, fresh live moss and is low maintenance and easy to assemble!  

What's Included

  • 1 - Our unique 10" Porcelain Bowl (Lead Free, Non Toxic) Marble Design (Bowl Color May Vary) with built-in water retaining mat, creating a perfect environment for our mosses!
  • 3 Species of Live moss (Hypnum, Dicranum, Luecobryum)
  • 1 Piece Live Reindeer Lichen
  • 1 Piece Live Moss Branch
  • 1  Small Live Fern
  • 1 Bag Terrarium Soil
  • 1 - 4oz Water Misting Bottle
  • Simple set-up & care instructions


*Live Mosses & Branch may vary slightly from picture.

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