DIY Moss Bath Mat Kit: Transform Your Bathroom

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Step into a natural sanctuary with our DIY Moss Bath Mat Kit. Crafted for those who cherish the biophilic elements of nature, this kit transforms your bathroom into a serene, green oasis. It includes a waterproof tray, a water retention mat, and a blend of cushion moss, rock cap moss, and sheet moss, creating a living, breathing piece of nature right under your feet.

Assembling this beautiful bath mat is a breeze and takes just minutes. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this moss mat offers grounding and tranquility, connecting you to the earth's energy and promoting a sense of well-being every time you step onto it. While it basks in indirect natural light, remember to give it a daily mist to maintain its lushness and vitality.

Embrace the benefits of biophilic design with this unique, living bath mat. It's more than a functional item; it's an experience, elevating your daily routine and bringing the calming essence of nature into your home.

Dimension 26x18"

Instructions for Moss Acres' DIY Moss Bath Mat:

  1. Unboxing: Upon receiving your DIY Moss Bath Mat kit, you'll find the bath mat and tray already assembled as one piece. Additionally, you'll receive separate bags containing three species of moss sheets, rocks, caps, moss cushions, and extra moss.

  2. Arranging Moss: The DIY Moss Bath Mat allows you to get creative with arranging the moss to fill the tray. Place the moss sheets, rocks, caps, and cushions as desired to design your personalized moss bath mat. Don't worry if you have leftover moss; it's normal to have more than enough to fill the tray.

  3. Preparation: Before placing the moss on the tray, soak it for two minutes. This ensures proper hydration for the moss to thrive in its new environment.

  4. Misting: Daily misting is essential to keep your moss bath mat healthy and flourishing. Lightly mist the moss to maintain moisture levels and promote growth.

  5. Placement: Once the moss has been soaked, carefully place it onto the tray, arranging it according to your desired design.

  6. Maintenance: In addition to daily misting, ensure that your moss bath mat receives adequate indoor lighting. Any indoor lighting will suffice for moss growth; it does not require direct sunlight.

  7. Enjoy: Once assembled and in place, enjoy the natural beauty and soothing ambiance your moss bath mat brings to your bathroom environment.

By following these instructions, you'll create and maintain a beautiful moss bath mat that adds a touch of nature to your daily routine. If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out to Moss Acres' customer support team!

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