Beautiful Moss Walkway - Northeast PA

This beautiful sheet moss walkway at 400 sq ft was installed by the home owner with no professional help. Our moss ships fast and is very easy for any novice moss enthusiast to work with!

Beautiful Moss Walkway Northeast PA

NYC Cushion Moss Planter/Courtyard

Look at this beautiful Cushion Moss NYC Courtyard! Installed by Brian Tauscher of Artisan Gardens in Ridgewood, New Jersey!

Matt Horn Terrain - Glen Mills PA

"This garden flanks an entryway into the main house. The left side also has a ‘ruin’ wall which we planted with ferns and various mosses. Inside the walls parameters, we harvested woodland elements and created a stumpery filled with ferns and a dispersion of moss along the ground. The moss garden itself contains moss rocks, rotten logs, and an assortment of woodland perennials, naturally dissipated throughout for a natural unkempt look. The moss garden contains sheet moss, hair cap moss, rock cap moss, and cushion moss.

Ben Young Landscape Architects


"We had fun playing around with the different colors and textures of moss offered by Moss Acres. We look forward to seeing how the moss has matured by the second year"

Landscape architect, Ben Young, designed this private moss garden using cushion moss, hair cap, rock cap and a touch of sheet moss. The 16’ Royal Star Magnolias provide cover to shade the moss.

Ben Young, Landscape Architect, 208-726-5903. Planting by Ceci Brothers. Stone work by Nethercott Stone.

Moss Wall Chicago Rooftop

250 sq ft Live Moss Wall in Chicago. This project utilized our Pre-Grown Moss Mats and it turned out  pretty Mossome TM we think.

Shaded Dirt Yard Converted to Moss

In Hunterdon County, NJ these homeowners converted there shaded yard into a expansive moss lawn using a variety of terrestrial shade mosses from Moss Acres!


Becky Dobbs

“Our backyard has so much shade that we could not get grass to grow. So we removed all the grass and mulch and replaced it with groundcover (for the areas that get more sun) and moss (for the denser shade areas) to complement the patio, water feature, and gazebo. We now have over 800 sq ft of moss and love it! It looks so lush and green. But we did have to cover it with netting to keep the birds and squirrels from digging it up in spots. It was well worth the effort. Our backyard has been transformed into a tranquil oasis. Thank you, Moss Acres!”

Roof Top Moss Garden - FMC Tower, Philadelphia

This Mossome roof top moss garden was installed using our. Moss Mats for Sun or Shade!

Americanized Japanese Garden

Customer's Testimonial:

"My first attempt at an Americanized Japanese garden was made much easier once I learned about Moss Acres. This is the first of several deep shade gardens now in progress. All will feature moss purchased from Moss Acres. Ease of ordering, dependability and a healthy product have kept me on as a regular customer."

JJR – Lake Toxaway, NC

John Fields

We bought some cap rock fern from you all about a month ago, and after planting it and watering it for a while, the attached photos show what it looks like now. We're really pleased with the results so far, especially with the little fern "surprise" :-)

Rodger Miller Gardens New York City

We use a lot of clump moss and find that the Moss Acres product is the best. It comes dry so we can store it for a few weeks and then with a short soaking we're ready to install it which is very easy. The quality and condition of the moss is always excellent. The clients love it!

Tim Pennigar


Our ornamental moss exhibition has been a real crowd pleaser. Moss is an excellent option for green roof sites or public plaza landscapes in shaded areas. Moss Acres worked closely with us and provided outstanding support to make our project a success.

Bob Sherertz, Pfafftown, NC

Three years ago we started with a "moss sampler" package, to be sure that the Moss Acres' products would survive in our hot, humid summers. It not only survived, but has really thrived despite a record-setting drought this year! Then 2 years ago I designed an area with hypnum / fern moss islands to feature an established Japanese maple and some interesting rocks at the entry to our garden. We are so pleased to have Moss Acres as a unique Garden resource! Thanks.

Janette Ireland - Gardensandmore in Kent CT

Rock cap Moss with Japanese Ferns Makes a great accent for this wonderful piece of art.


Andrea Mason Brooklyn NY

I planted a boxwood border with larger boxwoods at the back to hide the trash cans. I ordered hypnum / fern moss from Moss Acres, laid it in the center on a 'mound' with a dogwood tree in the middle and then dotted a few deep purple hellebores around.

It also has a gas lamp in there, which at night make this very small street garden a tiny enchanted wonderland. People stop and stare at it all the time.

Brian Barry Douglas Hoerr Landscape Architecture Inc, Chicago IL

Seasonal annual display for Crate and Barrel on Michigan Ave. in Chicago. I used the moss as a ground plane element and I thought it worked out quite well. Brian Barry Douglas Hoerr Landscape Architecture Inc, Chicago IL.

Andropogon Associates, Philadelphia

Customer's Testimonial:

"We have used your excellent service for the Avalon Memorial Preserve in Stony Brook, New York.
Your moss has been wildly successful and looks absolutely great. We tell everyone about you, and look forward to using your services a lot more in the future."

Carol Franklin – Andropogon Associates, Philadelphia

Melissa & Rocky Pillsbury Unity Maine

Melissa & Rocky Pillsbury of Unity Maine create Hobbit Holes using moss for the roof. You can find out more about them at www.wooden-wonders com

J.Paul Moore

"More and More people are turning to moss as a viable alternative to turf grass in the more shady areas of their garden and landscape. Moss Acres has a great selection of mosses and their website is full of great information to help you choose which moss is the best for your home garden or large landscaping project. I have purchased Hypnum Moss for both my moss lawn and for clients wanting to convert their shady lawns over to moss, or to create a bit of a green oasis in their garden. In other areas of my garden I have planted Fern Moss and Cushion Moss to add more moss varieties. Every order that I have placed has been a great experience. The moss is boxed and well packaged. The moss is always of the highest quality and fresh. Join the many home gardeners and landscapers who have discovered how beautiful and low maintenance moss is. It is an environmentally friendly alternative to turf in many situations, and for many (including myself), I no longer have to deal with a gas mower with all of the noise and fumes and maintenance."

- J.Paul Moore Nashville TN. Garden,Scenic Nature and Landscape Architecture Photography.


Sally Muspratt Landscape Design - West Roxbury, MA

We used your moss sampler set and your moss starter kit to clothe a mound to support a starkly modern sculpture by Adam Frelin. The owners wanted an interesting setting for the reflective surface of the work, and the moss contrasts effectively both with its metal surfaces and with the texture and shades of the surrounding ginger and maidenhair ferns.

The garden is only a few months old, but so far, so good! We do not feel we could have found a more attractive ground cover for our purpose. The installation instructions were very clear.

Beautiful Moss Garden, Montauk, NY

This beautiful moss garden was created using our fresh Sheet Moss. Our Sheet Moss can be found here! It came out stunning! This look can be achieved fairly easily and with minimal upkeep.

Done by:


The Natural Connection


Montauk, NY



Beautiful Moss Garden, Montauk, NY

This beautiful moss garden was created using our fresh Sheet Moss. Our Sheet Moss can be found here! It came out stunning! This look can be achieved fairly easily and with minimal upkeep.

Done by:


The Natural Connection


Montauk, NY