Eco-Lawn™ Testimonials

Here's what commercial and residential customers are saying about Eco-Lawn!

"We used Eco-Lawn 2 years ago, top-seeding a large area of lawn that was burnt out and several medium size areas that had been plowed to virgin dirt. We have lots of shade on our property but Eco-Lawn grows well everywhere. It's a big relief from the fertilize-water-mow cycle we had been on."

Rob Pyke, MD PhD
Fairfield, CT

"I think the ecolawn ought to be planted as widely as possible. These grasses are better for the environment, use less fertilizer and water and require less mowing. They're the kinds of grasses that were growing here when the first settlers arrived; since they don't rejuvenate fast enough to sustain cattle, the settlers when back to Europe and collected the seeds of what we now call Kentucky bluegrass. If you like mowing every five days in the spring, plant Kentucky blue and knock yourself out. But if you only want to mow a few times a year, ecolawn might be a good choice for you."

Paul Tukey, Founder,

"We now have the lushest, greenest patch of grass I've ever seen on our property!"

Karen B.

"I found you on the internet and purchased some seed over a year ago. I just overseeded, but now I've decided to burn my existing lawn and replace it with eco-lawn because it looked and felt so much better. Thank you! "

Kerry Robinson
Kansas City, MO

"When we first decided to try Eco-Lawn -- living in Medicine Hat, Alberta, one of the sunniest places in Canada -- we were cautiously optimistic. Wow, it really IS that good! Not only does this grass need much less water and maintenance, it feels soft and cushioned. The kids love playing on it and I don't have to keep them off because of fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides. Thank you for such a great, ecologically responsible product!"

Greg and Tanya
Medicine Hat, AB

"Eco-Lawn is the first grass my husband is willing to walk on barefoot - ever!"

Elizabeth Anderson.
Fairport, NY

"What can I say! I love it!"

Paula F.
Clinton, TN

"Love not only your site but your Eco-Lawn is the best lawn seed ever!! We've tried everything and with all our fir trees, yours is the ONLY seed that gives us a lush and full lawn!! "

Kathy M.
Springfield, OR

"Great product! Reseeded part of my lawn this past spring--WAY beyond my expectations!!! Thanks for your help."

Darin. G.
Reed City, MI

"The east side of our home is very shady and our grass had difficulty growing and surviving in the low light and dry conditions. Any possibility the grass has of retaining water is lured away by themature Spruce and Cedar trees. We needed something less vulnerable and more tolerant than the traditional grass blends....Look to Nature! Native grasses "Fescues" The "root" we needed to go was Eco-Lawn, deep rooting and drought tolerant plus numerous other benefits and no sacrifices. We heard of it! With the research done, the seeding begun. It was an exceptionally warm period in mid April 2008 with day time temperatures in the mid to high 20's C. We opted for an early start to the season. The actual seeding date was April 17, 2008. After what is now 3 1/2 weeks - May 11, 2008, our Eco-Lawn is well established. We are so pleased with this seed mix. Eco-Lawn rocks !! "

Nature's Common Elements Wendy   Kim Creasey
Jarratt, ON

"It's great to find an innovative product like Eco-Lawn that's ready to help us adapt to climate change."

F. James
Toronto, ON

"I tried Eco Lawn a couple of years ago on a couple of small areas with full sun and sandy soil. It grew, it prospered, it has a much finer blade than the original grass. It did not need mowing as often as the rest of the lawn either. Oh yes, it was even greener during the driest part of the summer! I would recommend it."

B. Maryman

"Sorry about the delay to those of you who sent me messages asking about my eco-lawn. I got the eco-lawn seed from Wildflower Farm at They're a great company, speedy delivery, and no I am not affiliated with them or receive any kind of kickbacks. I really like my eco-lawn. I think it's the way to go... who wants to spend their summer mowing, fertilizing and watering? Not me! And besides, it's so nice and soft on the tootsies! I think I mowed it twice last summer... got to like the eco-lawn!"


"We are so happy that we rototilled our conventional lawn out and planted the Eco-Lawn in the first week of July. We knew this was not a prime time to start but within a week it was all up and in 3 weeks looked amazing."

Dennis and Phill in Toronto

"I have recently tried your Eco Lawn seed at my cottage. It is over my septic tank and under pine trees. Could never grow there before. It worked!"

Roxanne S.

"After experimenting with other grass seeds and getting poor results, we offered Eco-Lawn to residents of the City of Kelowna as a way to reduce water consumption during our very dry summers. Our residents are thrilled with their new Eco-Lawns as they have reduced their lawn maintenance, reliance on pesticides and fertilizers and now have a beautiful lawn. WaterSmart is thrilled since we are reaching our goal of reduced water consumption. We couldn't have asked for better results!"

Neal Klassen
Kelowna, British Columbia

"I recently put Eco-Lawn down on my lawn and it grew in places where I've never been able to get grass to grow. My new Eco-Lawn looks so good that I recently began trying Eco-Lawn in some trouble spots on my golf course."

Greg Barker
Superintendent, New England Country Club
Bellingham, MA

"We seeded our front lawn in Montreal with Eco-Lawn last spring, and it looked great - lush feathery green that (I thought) looked even better left unmowed. I had so many people asking what it was (or bending down to check if it was 'fake' turf) that we staked the empty seed bag near the sidewalk."

Jennifer Kulin
Montreal, QC

"I discovered your site previously via google search engine, and ordered some of the ecolawn - I now want to overseed, so i'm ordering more - thanks for a great product!"

Connie Oliver
Rogers, Arkansas

"I'm so happy with my Eco lawn. I pretty much did everything wrong. Last year I ended up planting later than I should have, thought I had all the weed seeds out - I didn't, and had decided I'd have to start all over again this year. What I discovered is that the eco lawn is pretty tough stuff. It is outgrowing the weeds that were still there and filling in some of the bald spots. It is such a beautiful natural looking grass. I don't mow it and love running my fingers through it. Thanks! "

C. Shelton
Corvallis, OR

"Last year, at this time, I had a huge tract of weeds in one section of my lawn. I had tried everything (including LOTS of money for the Weed Man) and I still had crabgrass everywhere. I read about EcoLawn, and thought "why not, anything would help". I have the most beautiful thick (weed free) lawn!! The only complaint that my husband said that it is so thick that our ancient lawn mower was having trouble getting through it. We had it sharpened, and voila! We are so happy, and I have ordered another 4 bags (one for me and the rest for my daughters). Congratulations. "

Ruth McHale
Ingersoll, ON

"Just want to tell you how awesome EcoLawn is. I brag it up to neighbors and fellow gardeners. A great (and great-looking) solution for people who want a guilt-free lawn. I actually prefer the resulting fine-blade turf to traditional lawns. Beautiful. Thanks for a great product."

Leanne S.

"Seriously, this grass is the softest stuff I've ever had the pleasure of running over. You never have to cut the stuff - it just falls over, stays short, and looks good. The only grass I plan on using around my new home. Screw mowing the lawn!"

Michael D.

"My Eco-Lawn has matured! I am thrilled with it's long shag carpet look. Last time I watered it was six weeks ago and it is as green as can be. Remember, no watering, no fertilizing, no cutting, and no problems with insects. It is the perfect lawn even the dogs love rolling in it. Hard to believe such a beautiful lawn came from $60 of grass seed."

Peter M.

"I know many people enjoy mowing their lawns every weekend... but not me. I'm a guy who would rather lie in a hammock on a hot summer day. That's why I fell in love with Eco-Lawn, a type of grass available from Wildflower Farm of Ontario, Canada, which defines the phrase "low maintenance." This grass has got it all. It grows slowly, only requiring mowing once a month. And the deep growing root system makes it drought resistant so no more constant watering, fertilizing, and aerating. Huzzah!"


"I thought you might be interested to see photos of yet another Eco-Lawn. This lawn was planted this spring and has thrived with only periodic watering. The lawn area is surrounded by Norway maples and there is predominant shade. We have had trouble with sod and commercial grass seed until now. As a result of our experience I recommend Eco-Lawn wherever I can. We are very happy! Thank you! Best wishes,"

W. John Switzer
Founder, Winesights Inc.

"I just wanted to register my complete satisfaction with Eco-Lawn! I love the maintenance-free aspect of it. My ecolawn hasn't been cut for over 2 months but I love the look and only plan on cutting it in Oct. Thanxalot for providing this sensible alternative to grass. Cheers, "

Nik Clarkson
Milton, Ontario

"Just wanted to say, my husband and I have ordered the grass seed last year for our back lawn and it is absolutely wonderful and looks great! Maintenance is such a treat too."

Grace De Francesco

"So nice not to have to be a slave to my grass. "



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