Covid-19 Update We are Shipping...

As a mail order supplier of live plants, Moss Acres is permitted to be open. But we didn't stay open to ship moss without first thinking things through. Since most of what we do takes place outside in nature, our business is quite safe. However, just to be extra cautious, we are operating with a skeletal staff with a handful of folks working different hours and from different areas in our building (we have a very large old furniture manufacturing facility). Management and sales are working from home.

Because we realize how important a positive state of mind is right now, and how being outside enjoying projects can be be very uplifting during these difficult times, we felt it important to stay open to service our customers. We believe moss gardening is perhaps one of the most relaxing and soothing pastimes right now. So while you wait for some live moss to arrive, enjoy this inspirational photo from the temples and moss gardens in Kyoto Japan.

Be well - The Team at Moss Acres