Buyer Beware...

We were the first company to supply live moss for landscaping - beginning back in 2001.  We only do moss, it is something we understand very well having close to 75 years of collective experience with the plant.

Recently a handful of "competitors" have come on the scene.  Knowing very little about moss, they post pretty pictures (several of them our copyrighted photos) and pretend to know what they are talking about.

For a couple of years we have resisted making statements regarding another business.  But after receiving several complaints from individuals that had ordered moss from another supplier, we felt compelled to place an order ourselves.

As it turns out, you get what you pay for.   We ordered Cushion Moss clumps.  What we received was a scrambled bag of small pieces of lower priced Rock Cap Moss.  What one would get from Moss Acres is on the right - Cushion Moss.

Even worse are reports from consumers that have received much less moss than what they paid for - often only 50%. When called out on this, this same supplier told the customers - "we sold you what the moss will fill in and cover over time".  False advertising?  Sure seems that way.