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Contains (½ ) square foot in total of sheet and clump mosses, conveniently packaged and ready to plant. Just the Right Amount For Mini Gardens and Terrariums.

Terrarium & Fairy Garden Moss is dried and dormant and will rehydrate and begin to grow as soon as they are watered. Great for planting small, mini projects. Customers like buying the smaller amounts of moss for their tiny projects. There are no pesticides , fertilizers or herbicides used so it’s safe to use with reptiles. Merchandising Terrarium & Fairy Garden Moss is easy anywhere in the store.

See the list of merchandising ideas listed under the Moss Milkshake. Like the Moss Milkshake and the Live Moss Garden Packs, Terrarium & Fairy Garden Moss contains only dry mosses, which means they have an extended shelf life.

Packaging and directions

  • The Terrarium & Fairy Garden Moss contains a ½ square foot total of three live mosses which come dried and dormant: Sheet or Fern moss-Hypnum imponens or Thuidium Broom moss – Dicranum Scoparium Cushion Moss- Leucobryum glaucum
  • Extended shelf life – all dry ingredients mean the moss will last for several months if merchandized or stored dry and out of direct sunlight.
  • Directions on reverse side of package insert.
  • Packaged in a clear hanging bag • Dimentions: 8” x 9.5” x 8” . Case 12” x 12” x 8”
  • Each pack weighs 1.5 oz.
  • Moss is recommended for terrarium or vivariums The Terrarium & Fairy Garden Moss is ideal for:
  • Terrariums
  • Miniature fairy gardens
  • Vivariums, great for increasing humidity. Great impulse ítem for the very popular Fairy Garden interest
  • Your customers will be excited to find this ítem to add to their minature settings


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