Mossify mistr™ - Automatic Continuous Water Mister - Rechargeable Water Mister for Moss

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💦  Continuous Misting  ✅

What's included:
- Automatic rechargeable water mister (750ml);
- 1 Micro USB charging wire;
- Instructions manual (English, French, And Spanish);
- 1 Year warranty (More information below).


Tired of using your manual mister? 🤔

We have the best fully rechargeable continuous water mister on the market and we are extremely proud of it. 🏆

💚 Give your mosses the mist they want 💚


Bring back some natural mist to your moss. Recreate the rainforest with this ultra fine mist! Increase your mosses moisture levels without over watering. 🌱


📏 Mossify mistr™ Measurements:

Box: 4" X 4" X 12"
mistr: 3.3" x 11.2"
Volume: 750 ml
Power Source: 2000 mAh
Material: Non-toxic ABS 

✅ Designed to be showcased ✅

We truly believe that our mistr will fit into your space perfectly. 

✨ How to use your mistr:

    1. Charge fully before first use.
    2. Add water.
    3. Point spray away from you.
    4. Hold ON/OFF button for 3 seconds to turn ON.
    5. Press ON/OFF button once to PAUSE.
    6. Hold ON/OFF button for 3 seconds to turn OFF (mistr will turn off automatically if left alone).
    7. Please wash at least once a week! 


  1. Open your mistr to expose the electronics.
  2. Soak electronics in water (only pour water into container).
  3. Use viscous (thick) liquids (like paint).
  4. Place near heat or fire.
  5. Use mistr while charging and avoid water near the charging port.
  6. DO NOT turn upside down when full.

🙇‍♂️ Reminder:

  1. The light on the top indicates remaining power.
  2. To fully charge it takes 2-3 hours from 0%.
  3. If chemicals are used, rinse thoroughly with soap and water.
  4. Your mistr is made with a high precision pump. DO NOT turn power on without any liquid.

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