Live Moss Panels for Sun or Shade - Interior or Exterior Features!

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Available Late Summer 2020 - Pre-Grown Live Moss Panels for Sun or Shade - Interior or Exterior Features!   Live Moss Mats are offered in 12" x 12" increments with maximum width of 48" and are a fully grown mix of mosses, but predominately Bryum caespiticium ("sidewalk moss") - a moss that thrives in both shade and partial sun (potentially full sun w/ proper watering).  The moss mats are alive and ready to hang, lay on a roof, walkway or in the garden.

The mats are 3/16" thick polyester (felt-like material) and can also be cut to any shape or size. The possibilities are endless! Indoors keep them dry or mist daily with water. Or use a soaker hose that can be run through the top mat. Also great for Weddings & Events. Moss Table runners, Moss Centerpieces, Moss Letters, Etc. The best part is they are live and can be used for your event or project and then kept alive for years to come! We can cut to any width or length. Please call 866 GET MOSS or email us at to discuss your project - it's important we work closely with you to ensure the success of your moss mats.  They are also available with a flexible waterproof backer panel - as exterior "rain screens" for buildings. Learn More Here.

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