Spanish Moss Natural & Dry

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Spanish Moss Natural & Dry

Moss Acres specializes in providing high-quality, sustainably harvested natural and dry Spanish moss. We pride in offering a product that is not only beautiful and versatile, but also environmentally friendly.

Our Spanish moss is harvested in the USA using sustainable practices that ensure the long-term health and viability of the ecosystems from which it is sourced. This means that customers can feel good about using a product that has a minimal impact on the environment.

Moss Acres Spanish moss comes in a convenient 16oz bag that is easy to handle and store.

Spanish moss is a popular choice for many different uses, including floral arrangements, wreaths, and terrariums. It is also commonly used in craft projects and for decoration. Moss Acres' Spanish moss is of the highest quality and is sure to add a touch of natural beauty to any project or decor.


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