Live Moss Mats for Sun or Shade

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Bring the beauty and benefits of nature to your roof with our fully grown Live Moss Mats. These mats are an innovative and sustainable alternative to traditional green roofs, providing a lightweight and low maintenance solution. Moss does not require soil, making it an easy and efficient choice for covering your roof.

Our moss mats are sold in convenient 12" x 12" increments, with a maximum width of 48", and are made of a mix of mosses, primarily Bryum caespiticium (also known as "sidewalk moss") - a moss that thrives in both shade and partial sun (and potentially full sun with proper watering). These mats are alive and ready to be laid on your roof, providing an natural and elegant look to your building.

Not only are they beautiful, but also practical, easy to install, and low maintenance while providing benefits such as natural air purification, noise reduction, and helping to reduce stress. These mats are also 3/16" thick polyester with a felt-like material, that can easily be cut to any shape or size to fit your needs.

Upgrade your roof to a natural and sustainable alternative with Moss Acres' Live Moss Mats. They provide all the benefits of traditional green roofs without the added weight and maintenance. Improve the environment and the aesthetics of your building with Moss Acres' Live Moss Mats.


*If installed on an interior wall these mats will require misting up to 10 times a day depending on humidity.

Discounts are available on larger orders.  Please call 866-438-6677 or email for bulk pricing.


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