Moss-Tac "Moss Adhesive" Helps Transplanted Moss Succeed

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Moss-Tac "Moss Adhesive" 

Helps Transplanted Moss Succeed

This proprietary product is ideal for holding down whole live clumps/sheets of moss or for adhering fragmented moss to any substrate.

(Not for use in Terrariums)

A premium organic Tackifier, Moss-Tac provides a valuable binding and lubricating agent for use with growing or transplanting moss whole or from fragments. This tackifier effectively holds loose moss on the ground or to most any substrate. This produces a uniform erosion-resistant cover and helps keep moss in place until it grows and stabilizes. Moss-Tac is ideal for projects where the use of natural biodegradable and organic products free of toxic chemicals and harmful substances are preferred. It is environmentally safe to plant and animal life! 

Moss Tac is derived from the seed of the plantego plant (Plantago insularis), Moss Tac is 100% organic, non-toxic and biodegradable. Use anywhere you need to “tack” down moss to help it reattach to the new substrate. 


Moss Tac may be applied as a dry powder or as wet slurry to dry or wet surfaces. It may even be applied during rain. It does not require set-up or drying time because when it is wet it is a heavy mucoid material and when dry it is a firm but retweetable membrane.

If applied dry, Broadcast dry powder onto a damp substrate, the Moss-Tac will absorb the water and become very sticky within a few minutes.  Then aply e the moss on top, pressing in by hand or foot.

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