White Dutch Clover Alternative Lawn Seed

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White Dutch Clover (Trifolium Repens) - White Dutch Clover designates a strain of white clover which is perennial and drought tolerant. Used as alternative lawns on its own or mix with our EcoSeed to make a fuller lawn faster! Usually matures around 8 - 10 inches tall. 

Many homeowners include White Dutch clover in their lawn seed mixture because clover sprouts fast and grows so dependably that it's a valuable aid in getting a new lawn started. White dutch clover is the most popular clover seed for lawn alternatives, due to the fact it is cheaper than MicroClover. White clovers are good for lawns since nodules on the roots fix nitrogen from the air. Actually, up to 1/3 the nitrogen your lawn needs can be obtained from white dutch clover! Grows vigorously even in poor clay subsoil around new home construction. If you want all the benefits of a cover crop but don't want to till early or mow often, clover is your best bet.

The best weed control is provided by a vigorous white clover-grass stand. If necessary, white clover-grass stands can be mowed to remove grass leaves and seedheads and to suppress broadleaf weeds and woody vegetation.

Additionally, White dutch clover attracts butterflies, bees and other pollinators. Stays green through drought periods of summer. Enjoy the beautiful blooms.

Beautiful Dark Green Colour the Whole Season
Clover takes care that the companion grasses are well feed with nitrogen which makes them look great. At the same time the Microclover itself has a nice darker green colour and together this gives the lawn the most beautiful darker green colour right from spring to autumn. It is recommended to include Microclover in the seed mixture with 5% by weight.

Improved Drought Tolerance
Inclusion of clover in the grass mixtures has the effect that the soil is shaded a bit more and moisture is retained more in the dry summer. The deep green colour also sustains the overall lush appearance of grass through difficult drought periods.

Very Healthy Lawn
The "spoon feeding" of the grasses with nitrogen from clover secures a nice and more even growth of the grasses in the mixture. The vital growth keeps the grasses healthy and free of diseases.

  • Grows in Part Sun / Shade to Full Sun
    Saves nitrogen fertiliser
  • Securing a green lawn right from spring to autumn
  • Very healthy lawn
  • Very even and good ground cover

Planting Instructions

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