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Shade PlantsShade plants allow you to build the garden of your dreams without the need of direct sunlight. When building your garden with regular plants you need to remember that proper lighting is still very important in order to maintain your garden. There are many other factors that need to be considered such as the soil type that is being used, how much drainage is available and the amount of water necessary to take care of your plants as opposed to the shade plants available at Moss Acres. There are many reasons that our moss or shade plants have a clear advantage over regular plants in your garden. Moss has the unique ability to survive in even the harshest conditions where other plants simply are not able to grow or survive. Moss and shade plants have the ability to gather the nutrients they need through the air as opposed to other plants. All that our moss and shade plants need to survive is just a shaded area, acidic soil and or course plenty of moisture. If you have any questions about our moss products or our shade plants please make sure to contact us and a friendly staff member will assist you.

The term “shade” when associated with plants can have a few different meanings and you need to be careful about the plants that you are purchasing. An area that is completely free from any direct sunlight could be referred to as shade or an area that never receives any sunlight. Another factor to consider is the time of the year since the amount of sunlight in certain areas will dramatically change. When talking about shade plants there are many different levels of sunlight that will commonly be referred to which include light shade, partial shade, partial sun and full sun. Before you start to build your custom shade garden make sure to consider the amount of sunlight and moisture that your garden will receive before you select your shade plants. Due to the fact that our mosses have the ability to survive in harsh conditions, people have been using our shade plants for many different and unique reasons with their garden. Not all mosses are equal and some require different levels of sunlight or moisture and to learn more about each of our products please click here for more information.

Shade PlantLandscapers and homeowners usually find it difficult to find the best plants to use that will thrive in little to no sunlight and our shade plants provide the perfect solution for each. We can help you to find the most reliable and versatile shade plants that are available on Moss Acres. A wide variety of mosses are available for your garden and at an affordable price to make sure that your garden looks and functions at its best. The ultimate goal with a garden is too not only look beautiful but to function and be easy to maintain. Our shade plants provide you with the best of both worlds by improving the look of your garden and moss is very easy to maintain. Please feel free to look at some of the astounding and unique gardens people were able to build using our shade plants in our projects section.


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