Mosses and Ferns... ideal companion plants

Buy ferns online with your moss - from the same source. As requested by numerous customers, Moss Acres is now offering carefully selected Christmas ferns for sale to complement its four species of moss.

Selected for visual impact, and hardiness, our ferns are of the highest quality and are full-grown plant roots that are at least 3 years old. We ship our ferns from late March through early June (weather permitting).

Our fern plants are packed in damp sphagnum moss and are shipped dormant/semi-dormant. These ferns are shade loving plant however the Christmas Fern will tolerate full sun if well watered.

Mature Christmas Ferns, 5+ year old Christmas Ferns
(approx. 18" 24" shipped semi-bare root)

These plants will have an instant effect upon the landscape.

1-3 ferns   $14.95 each (includes shipping) Add To Cart
4-10 ferns   $12.95 each (includes shipping) Add To Cart
11+ ferns   $10.95 each (includes shipping) Add To Cart

IMPORTANT- Shipping Information: Ferns are shipped weather permitting beginning in mid-March and shipments continue as long as supplies last. Orders placed prior to mid-March will be charged but held and shipped as soon as stocks become available. We ship via UPS ground to all states: $1.00 per fern.

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Christmas Fern


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