MossAire: Live Moss Wall Air Filter & Stress Relief

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MossAire Living Moss Wall Frame: A Natural Air Filter & Stress Relief Oasis

Transform your space with our MossAire Living Moss Wall Frame, a revolutionary creation that combines natural air purification with stress relief.  

Since 2014, Moss Acres has been at the forefront of eco-innovative design with its pioneering creation of the first fully live moss wall. This groundbreaking venture set a new standard in biophilic design, seamlessly integrating the lush tranquility of live moss into indoor spaces!

Experience the Difference

Air Quality Improvement: MossAire utilizes Live Dicranum moss, also known as 'mood moss,' acts as a natural air filter, capturing allergens and pollutants in minutes. 

Stress & Anxiety Relief: Our MossAire will stimulate your senses - sight, touch, and smell - promoting relaxation, reducing stress and anxiety, and enhancing productivity.

Easy Care: Our MossAire Living Moss Wall Frame comes with a misting bottle for daily care. Simply mist the full surface once a day to keep the moss vibrant and healthy. Additionally, every other month, allow your MossAire to dry out for a week, ensuring its longevity.

Low Maintenance: Lasting indefinitely, our living moss wall frame requires no sunlight, just mist as per instructions provided.  When you mist the MossAire you will immediately smell the fresh moss forest scent provided by nature!

Eco-Friendly & USA-Made: Crafted with 100% sustainably harvest moss grown here in Pennsylvania, MossAire is dedicated to eco-friendly materials and proudly made in the USA.

Dimensions: 15”x22”

Enhance your environment with the MossAire Living Moss Wall Frame, an elegant fusion of nature and design. This piece not only elevates your space's aesthetic but also boosts air quality, fostering a tranquil, healthful atmosphere. Embrace the unique harmony of style and well-being with MossAire – your portal to an indoor natural sanctuary.

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