Magic Moss Carpet - LIVE Moss, No-Mow, Grass Lawn Alternative

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Mossome™ Magic Moss Carpet - LIVE Sheet Moss

Looking for no-mow grass alternatives for your lawn? Why not roll out a moss lawn?
Available in two formats, this lush green carpet thrives in shade where conventional grass lawns will always struggle. The sheet moss utilized can also handle partial sun.

Many Benefits of Moss:

* No Mowing   * No Chemicals or Fertilizers   * No Watering once established

Live sheet moss is pre-affixed with a proprietary plant based adhesive to a biodegradable cellulose backer paper, and once dried, rolled up & shipped UPS to your site. The backer paper breaks down over time as the moss affixes itself to the soil.  Simply unroll the “moss carpet” onto clear, bare soil, water thoroughly, then press to make good soil contact. Keeping the moss and paper backer moist will speed and improve transplant success.

  • Super fast way to create large moss gardens - major labor savings
  • Mulch Backer suppresses any weeds and holds moisture for moss
  • Monolithic moss mat deters birds & animals from lifting moss in search of bugs/worms.

Get your rolls of LIVE sheet moss for sale here - exclusively from Moss Acres.
Option 1: Pre-grown: 2’ x 25’ roll - $295 - Instant effect
Option 2: Shredded Moss: 2' x 25' (fragments grow together in time) - $95 - 3-6 months to form dense carpet.

Includes Staples to hold down the carpet.

NOTE: If irrigation is used, these products can tolerate much sunnier locations due to a percentage of sun tolerant moss utilized in the blend.

Sheet Moss - The Natural choice as a grass lawn alternative

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