DIY Natural Moss Tile- Interior Wall Features (Tri Green Color)

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The Natural  Moss Wall Tile is an interior design product for interior surfaces. It is handmade here in the US from natural reindeer moss. Like reindeer moss in nature, the colored and preserved moss of the Natural Moss Tile reacts inherently to ambient humidity. These natural characteristic changes do not harm the product. 

Moss is a biophilic element with no special environmental needs such as sunlight or watering. Its recording studio quality acoustic properties and its versatility to be used in any shape in addition to other elements such as wood or stone makes it a popular choice.

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To keep your Living Moss Tile at its best, note that

  • The product is meant for indoor use only.
  • The product cannot be placed in direct contact with water.
  • The moss of the product may be touched only with utmost care when the moss is dry. The moss dries and breaks easily when the relative humidity of the air is under 40%. At 40% relative humidity the moss gradually starts to soften. Above 40% relative humidity the moss stays soft and tolerates normal touching well.
  • Placing the product in direct sunlight may cause some minor discoloration of the moss over time.
  • The product does not need any maintenance. If desired, it can be cleaned gently with the dust brush of a vacuum cleaner.

The Living Moss Tile offers limitless variations. It is easy to vary your design with different-colored Living Moss Tile. In multicolor designs, modifications can be made by rearranging the Living Moss Tile in different color orders. The cut shapes of the product enhance the unique application possibilities of your design. Thanks to the flexibility of the Living Moss Tile, it is also the ideal product for curved surfaces. Living Moss Tile are available in different sizes and colors.

1 (One) by 1 (One) foot square panel. Mounted on plastic backer, ready to hang. Our reindeer Moss panel is for any space! 100% Organic, Hypoallergenic & Maintenance Free. 100% Real! -Naturally Absorbs & Holds Moisture To Retain Soft Texture -Resistant to Static Electricity & Dust Particles -Passively Removes Ammonia, Acetaldehyde & Acetic Acid

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