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Honesdale, PA - Thursday, February 13, 2004

Eliminate the chores of fertilizing, liming and mowing those shady areas of your property where grass struggles to become established. The tranquil beauty and peaceful feeling that moss exudes is making this surprisingly durable groundcover an increasingly popular alternative to grass and other conventional plantings.

"Mosses have been used in Japanese Gardens for centuries but sorely neglected in Europe and the U.S. My dream to have a maintenance-free shade garden has been achieved with moss." - Dave Benner, retired professor of Ornamental Horticulture, Author: Gardening with Moss, Host: "Made in the Shade" video.

Ideas for designing naturalistic landscapes using moss, while minimizing time-consuming and mundane maintenance chores are gaining a serious foot-hold nationwide. This is due in no small part to the long-term vision and dogged determination of a small company in Northeastern Pennsylvania. For the past two years Moss Acres has been shipping four species of live moss in both large and small quantities to landscape professionals and home gardeners across the country. All that is required is shade and adequate moisture.

Beginning in the spring of 2004, Moss Acres will also be offering retail "starter packs" of moss to garden centers and other retailers for re-sale purposes.

The message from this company is direct and well received; give up all the fertilizers, pesticides, liming, de-thatching and mowing required by turf grass in the shady areas of your landscape. Encourage or establish a moss lawn or moss garden instead. Currently, mosses are being used in varied and unique ways. "Our customers tell us the applications for moss are expanding" says Al Benner, the president of Moss Acres. "Moss has always been a popular compliment in Asian gardens, rock gardens, water gardens and shade gardens. But everyday we are helping clients use moss for creative projects such as interior landscapes, stonewalls or other vertical surfaces, and moss roofs."


Heidi Masucci, Operations Manager

Moss Acres

Phone: 866-438-6677

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