Moss Acres offer a wide range of soil amendment products to lower pH, mesh netting to protect moss from bird and small animal damage, misting kits to keep moss and soil moist, and a variety of other products:

Mesh Netting
Ideal for protecting newly transplanted moss from birds, mice, and squirrels that like to dig for grubs. More Info

Misting Kits
Our portable misting systems are offered in two kit sizes, and hook directly to any hose or hose hook up. They are also expandable for future extensions. More Info

Rain Barrels & Pump
Rain barrels are the easiest and most convenient way to obtain water that is free of chlorine and minerals that can harm your moss. By elevating the barrels on cinder blocks or a stand, water can easily be drawn from the tap near the bottom. More Info

Organic Weed Control
One of the very few frustrating things about moss is that in certain locations, grasses and other weed seeds that blow onto the moss garden can germinate and then need to be pulled out periodically. More Info

pH Amendments
Wettable Sulphur : This water souble powder can be used any time to lower soil pH More Info

Water Retention Gel
Hortasorb - Water Retention & Bonding Gel :
12 ounces of this amazing powder mixed with water, forms up to 30 gallons of slurry-like gel that has three perfect applications for transplanting and establishing moss. More Info

Eco Lawn
Moss Acres is proud to announce a solution for larger sunny or shady lawn areas that just aren't practical for moss More Info

Instructional Material
In this series of linked personal essays, author Robin Wall Kimmerer leads general readers and scientists alike to an understanding of how mosses live and how their lives are intertwined with the lives More Info

Moss Mats
Grow Moss on our water absorbent, synthetic felt mats using our pre-ground moss or Moss Milkshake More Info

New Product!
The Ultimate Low Maintenance, Drought Tolerant Lawn!
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