Moss Transplant Netting

Moss Transplant Netting NEW Product ! Moss Transplant Netting is the ideal, virtually invisible solution for helping to keep moss in place while it knits to the soil (moss has no roots). More importantly, it helps to keep birds and small animals searching for bugs from pulling up the moss. Finally, it is also effective for one or two seasons for holding moss in place while using a leaf blower to remove leaves.

Black in color, 100% nylon, degradable over time, this material will slowly decompose with UV light while allowing the moss to slowly grow right through it over time.

Moss Guru, Rick Smith, author of "New Methods for Moss Gardening" recommended this product to us a few years back and we have had excellent results working with it.

Protective Mesh Netting (1/4" - Black)

Click to enlargeIdeal for protecting newly transplanted moss from birds, mice, and squirrels that like to dig for grubs.

Our mesh netting is also perfect for catching leaves on moss or other ground covers, thus eliminating raking.

This material is far superior to the ¾" mesh available in garden centers, as it won't tangle. It is also UV stable and can be re-used for years.

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Dave Benner with Protective Netting


New Product!
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